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I didn't receive my whole order

All of the more expensive items didn't come

Hucow Bondage Udder Harness
to small

Im a 40c and it couldnt even wrap around my ribcage. I guess its only meant for really small cows?

Terrible shipping

Ordered the Nippledome from Hucow on the 24th of February, it’s the 15th of March and it still has not shipped. Sent a message to the store, no answer… I’m not sure if I’ll even receive the items. For a $220.00 purchase I figured I’d get it within a reasonable timeframe. But that time has past.

Not very good

The brush set left more to be desired. It felt pleasurable but very uncomfortable. Some just didn't do much feeling at all. Now set number two is top notch.

Triple Density Fat Cock With Balls

. Very filling

Precious Metals Silver Butt Plug-Large

Cute but can get uncomfortable after a while

Triple Cock and Ball Ring
Fits well

. Doesn't look perfect, but it doesn't scratch or rub

Nipple Dome: The Nipple Toy of Tomorrow!
John Wiegand
Nipple dome

Myself and my girlfriend love it. We are getting much pleasure out of it. 5stars

TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit with Accessories
Good and fun

no regret

Nipple Dome: The Nipple Toy of Tomorrow!
Perfect moooootion

This toy is an excellent addition to any would be farm resident. Its got several settings of motion, speed, and the suction adds to it nicely

Goat's Rue Liquid Extract 2 fl oz Lactation Supplement
First try. Maybe need more

This is the first time trying this product so I really didn't see or noticed anything. Maybe I need to try more.

First try. Maybe need more

Yes , I did purchase Pueraria Mirifica since it's my first time trying these I know I probably need to purchase more to be able to notice something. I will let y'all know my progress.

Nipple Dome: The Nipple Toy of Tomorrow!
Leslie Smith

product works as described. only issue is that the instructions are only provided in one language, Japanese.
I use it all the time. the battery life is perfect for my needs

some with out the attachments, just for pumping to get my teats where they need be. other times if I am in a naughty mood I will use the more aggresive attachments.

since my mr.left me I am playing alone and this helps me stay focused on getting my teats grown for my next farmer so he can milk me faster instead of having to train me

TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit with Accessories
Janet Schlee

Had a bit of trouble with setting at first, Now it is great.

Nipple Dome: The Nipple Toy of Tomorrow!
Kia Tan

Had a real great time using it as a beginner. Great textures and control, though a bit bulky (they often fell off my chest).

Hands-Free Pump Holder/Nursing Bra
Size Chart Understanding

Hey Guys,

I don’t understand your size chart. It is said, all numbers are cm but what are the 2 rows are representing? A circumference of 114cm underbust is newer a S - more a XL! And is the 1st row just the front width over the breasts? Please help!


Hi, great questions!

The first row represents the side-seam to side-seam measurement of your bust, meaning the thickest point of your breasts from under one armpit to under the other armpit. The underbust measurement is the full circumference of your chest below the breast. Note because the nursing bra is incredibly stretchy, these sizes represent the MAXIMUM stretch the bra will go to, thus why the measurements are 'tile' measurements. If you are smaller than these sizes that is okay, the bra will still fit you.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to me at

Thank you!
The Hucow Store

Nipple Dome: The Nipple Toy of Tomorrow!
pretty nice

depending on the (optional) brush attachments used, this can be either pleasure or pain. especially when used creatively with restraints and other complimentary nipple “trainings”.

Absolutely loved it

Wearing this was such a confidence boost! I was surprised that the socks fit as well as they did. The only things that didn't were the panties and the collar, though the bell/bow by its self. For reference I'm a 40 DD and a size 14 in pants.

I will definitely get more from here in the future.

Cute Bikini

I love this cute little outfit, its so soft and easy to adjust to fit your body.
I feel really confident and sexy when I'm wearing it 😍

The Moo Muffler Leather Stuffer Mouth Gag
Arhue Winningson
Love it

When I can't afford grass, I will eat the rich and buttery, then keep the skin in my mouth ;)

Cow Tail Plug 25"
Arhue Winningson

Why does the mannequin in the picture look like an alien this is terrifying.

Nipple Dome: The Nipple Toy of Tomorrow!
Clarissa Hudson

NippleDome Extreme Nipple Sucker and Stimulator

Nipple Dome: The Nipple Toy of Tomorrow!
Mariane Braun

NippleDome Extreme Nipple Sucker and Stimulator

Review- Maid

This one is the cutest of the ones I received, but not the most well-fitting.

The bottoms were too small for me; they only made it halfway up my thigh. The collar was also small; but I threaded the bow tie through it and folded it under so it’s still super cute and useable. The bra is a little awkward at first but once you adjust everything it is so sexy.

The cuffs, bra, stockings, garter and bow tie all fit nicely. These stockings fit better than the other pair I received; still could use a garter belt but they’re much better. The ruffles on everything are so cute! The material of everything is a little velvety so it’s super fun to touch.

Context: I wear a 38F in bras and a 14-16 in clothing!